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Five Cleaning Tasks you need a Professional Cleaning Company to Carry Out

There are many cleaning tasks within your workplace that can be routinely dealt with either by encouraging employees to carry out their own spot-cleaning, or by your own in-house cleaning team. However, there are certain tasks which are always going to benefit from the expertise of a specialised team, and that’s when you need to outsource to the professionals.

  1. Carpet cleaning

Carpets in workplaces get a lot of footfall, especially those in reception or common areas. Professional cleaning companies will use industrial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions which will deep-clean carpets, helping to remove stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt that a vacuum cleaner won’t pick up. They will also be able to advise on better maintenance between cleaning visits, and identify wear and tear before it potentially becomes hazardous. We can recommend a cleaning method and schedule for all your carpets, as well as information and advice on how to best look after them.

2. Window cleaning

Window cleaning is always best contracted out, especially in larger buildings, or on higher floors. Professional window cleaning teams will have suitable safety equipment such as cradles or tall ladders, or window cleaning poles to clean lower-floor windows adequately. A professional team will also be able to keep an eye on the integrity of window frames and fastenings, and advise you on how best to maintain them.

3. Hard floor maintenance

Hard floor surfaces such as wood or marble need special care and maintenance to maintain both their appearance and longevity. Reception areas in office buildings often have hard flooring to improve the ‘first impression’ aesthetic for customers and visitors, and also to be more hard-wearing in a high footfall area. Getting in a professional cleaning and surface maintenance company for these means they will have the expertise to strip and wax wooden flooring, polish the floors safely, and also apply sealants to maintain appearance when required. Cotswold Gleam Team can help you maintain the look and feel of your floors with a regular cleaning schedule to suit your type of flooring.

4. Air duct cleaning

Air ducts are great for collecting dust and other debris. They’re also a breeding ground for allergens than can potentially affect air quality and respiratory health. Inefficiently cleaned air ducts also impact heating and ventilation in your workplace, so getting a professional company in to maintain and clean these not only improves the air your employees breathe, it cuts your longer-term utility bills as well.

5. Biohazard Clean up and Removal

Biohazardous materials should only ever be dealt with by a professional clean-up team. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of the impact that contaminated surfaces have on infection transmission and control, and that now extends to other biohazardous materials, especially bodily fluids such as blood. Clean up and removal should only ever be carried out by a fully trained team, with suitable safety clothing and equipment. Proper sanitisation will make sure that your company complies with health and safety regulations.

Before hiring a professional cleaning company, it is essential to do your research and vet any potential providers. Look for teams that already work with companies similar to yours, and who have appropriate certifications and experience in the areas you require. Seek references, and don’t be afraid to carry out your own checks and balances with regard to environmentally friendly cleaning practises if these are a priority for your organisation.

For more information about how Cotswold Gleam Team can help your business or for a free, no obligation quote, please contact us today on 01993 252575, or email:

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