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Five Cleaning Tips for Your Office: Keeping Your Workspace Tidy and Productive

Keeping your office environment clean and organised is essential for everything from productivity to maintaining employee morale. Clean and inviting reception areas not only provide a warm welcome to visitors and clients, they help to reinforce your professional competence and reliability. Although outsourcing cleaning services is an option, there are several effective strategies you can employ in-house to keep your office pristine without regularly incurring unnecessary costs.

1. Establish a basic Daily Cleaning Routine

A daily cleaning routine will help to prevent clutter building up in the workplace, and ensure that the office retains a base level of cleanliness. Start each day with a quick walkthrough of the workspace, picking up anything that is out of place, such as stray papers, and documentation that should be filed away. Empty bins and tidy desks as necessary too, including removing any dirty mugs left from the day before to kitchen space. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves throughout the day, including wiping down surfaces after they have used them, and tidying their own workstation areas. Cotswold Gleam Team can help with this, by recommending areas to clean and how best to tackle them.

2. Declutter and Organise Regularly

Clutter not only makes your office space appear untidy, but it can also seriously hamper employee productivity and focus. Encourage regular decluttering sessions to get rid of anything that no longer has a place or use, and keep workstations organised and streamlined. However, clutter-free environments can only be maintained with adequate storage, so make sure there are ample filing cabinets, cupboards and shelves to keep belongings in order. Provide at-desk lockers for staff if space allows, and implement a clean-desk policy to promote not only a tidy environment, but better document security.

3. Invest in Good Quality Cleaning Supplies

Although only professional cleaning companies have access to seriously heavy-duty formulations and equipment, disinfectant wipes, multi-surface cleaners and microfibre cloths all mean that in-house maintenance staff can keep on top of day to day spot cleaning and upkeep. A clean environment can also help to keep a lid on sickness absences. Make sure hand sanitiser dispensers are plentiful and kept well-stocked, and ensure that each floor or area has a ‘cleaning cupboard’ complete with vacuum cleaners, brooms, and the means to deal with spills and messes quickly. Our friendly, professional team all provide their own cleaning supplies to help you deal with more stubborn stains or tricky cleaning tasks.

4. Put a Rubbish and Recycling Management System in Place

Recycling promptly and effectively isn’t just good for the environment, it keeps the office clean and tidy too. Set up clearly labelled bins (and make sure there are plenty of them to discourage putting items in ‘general’ waste), and encourage a ‘think before you print’ policy to cut down on paper wastage. Most importantly, make sure bins are emptied too often rather than too little, again to discourage ineffective recycling.

5. Schedule Deep Cleaning Sessions

Although your daily spot-cleaning will keep your working environment tidy on the surface, regular deep cleaning sessions will be necessary to tackle any hard to reach areas, and ensure that the whole office is cleaned thoroughly. Deep cleaning sessions should be scheduled for overnight and weekend periods so that they do not impact on productivity, and to give any chemical vapours time to dissipate. Areas such as air vents and any high-touch surfaces should receive special attention, and professional teams are preferable for these sessions, as they have access to and expertise in handling specialised equipment and solutions which will improve the work environment further. Here at Cotswold Gleam Team, we can schedule a deep clean for your business on a basis that suits your needs and budget.

By implementing these cleaning tips, you can create a clean and organised office environment without the need for wasteful outsourcing to cleaning services except for specialised jobs. Encouraging teamwork and a joint effort in taking responsibility for a tidy workplace will not only reflect professionalism to your clients, but also help employee well-being. If you feel your business needs a little extra help with cleaning, please contact us today on 01993 252575 or email:

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