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Hygiene Tips To Make Your Workplace Healthier & More Productive

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

1. Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge surge in demand for hand sanitiser (even though this product could already be found in hospitals and other healthcare settings all around the world).

This is because hand sanitiser is more effective at killing bacteria quickly than regular hand washing, due to the alcohol inactivating the virus by breaking down the lipid layer.

Enabling staff to grab some sanitiser when they want to clean their hands is a sure-fire way of reducing the spread of germs around your workplace, especially during the flu season in winter.

Therefore, we recommend installing a few of these to try and keep everyone healthier.

2. Incorporate hygiene procedures

Although most people can take care of their personal hygiene, it can be difficult to trust everyone to do the same.

We suggest setting some ground rules for staff and the expectation that they are adhered to.

These might include:

• Cleaning up after yourself

• Regularly wiping down your workstation

• Washing up cups, plates, and cutlery daily

• Using hand sanitiser

• Covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing

3. Keep consumables well-stocked

It’s always a good idea to keep items such as toilet roll, soap, washing up liquid, kitchen towel, etc. in plentiful supply, and make sure that every member of staff knows where they are kept.

Although running out of one of these might not seem like a big deal, it can still impact the levels of cleanliness in your workplace.

Try putting together a rota for re-stocking these all-important consumables – this way, you won’t get caught out.

4. Create a dedicated area for eating and drinking

By containing all food waste to one area makes it much easier to clean.

Eating and drinking at your desk makes cleaning more challenging, and by encouraging staff to move to a separate area, they are not staying seated all day.

Again, ask staff to clean up after themselves in this area, and provide cleaning supplies such as washing up liquid, gloves, and cloths so they can do this effectively.

All equipment such as the sink, microwave, kettle, etc. should be cleaned comprehensively each week, ensuring a germ-free space for everyone to enjoy their lunch and snacks.

5. Use a hygiene waste disposal system

Ensure all waste is disposed of quickly by setting up a system that will prevent rubbish from collecting anywhere and stop unpleasant smells and spillages from hanging around longer than necessary.

Installing hygiene waste bins will assist with this, such as mixed recycling, general waste, etc. which should be emptied, cleaned, and serviced on a regular basis.

6. Reduce clutter on desks

Desks serve as workstations for people in the office, and it is where most employees will be doing most of their work. So, it’s important to ensure that this stays as organised as possible. It’s easy for the entire workplace to look untidy if office desks are cluttered.

One way to keep everyone’s desk tidy and clutter-free is by installing gel dispensers and bins in critical areas in the office, which everyone has quick access to.

With workplace hygiene regulations becoming stricter, particularly following the pandemic, and unauthorised absence being an issue for many companies, a well-organised workplace hygiene system is a must for the future.

Happier staff, increased workflow and improved productivity will all result.

To learn more about how we can manage all of this for you allowing you to focus on your business, please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on: 01993 252575 or email: You can also find out more about how our commercial cleaning services at our website.

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