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Top Benefits Of A Clean Classroom

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Here at Cotswold Gleam Team, we specialise in the cleaning of educational settings, including nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. But what are the benefits of regularly cleaning your classrooms? In this blog post, we discuss why hiring a commercial cleaner can help you in more ways than you might think.

1. A cleaner, better learning environment

By providing a clean environment, you can maximise the learning experience of your students and improve their performance in the classroom.

Studies have shown that a dirty environment can negatively impact learning, which can lead to reduced performance. Those students learning in an environment where cleanliness was a high priority received better grades and a higher rate of graduation.

2. Fewer sickness absences

If classrooms are not cleaned thoroughly, more staff and students are likely to take time off sick. By hiring a team of professional cleaners, you can ensure your classrooms are free from viruses and bacteria that might cause disease. These can live everywhere, form doorknobs, computer keyboards, chairs, desks, and other learning equipment.

By keeping all nooks and crannies deep-cleaned and sanitised, you can protect everyone all year round, especially during autumn/winter when flu makes an appearance. Regular cleaning can also help reduce allergies and asthma attacks, allowing students to concentrate on their studies, rather than their symptoms.

3. More productive teachers

By maintaining a clean working environment, you can make your teacher’s enjoy their day and look forward to arriving each morning. This motivation will help them work at a more optimal level, and be more productive as they teach their students in a clean environment.

4. Improved equipment performance and life span

As well as the classroom itself, professional cleaners will also tackle the equipment. This includes desks, drawers, cupboards, and projectors. This ensures dust doesn’t accumulate and prevents it from becoming damaged and not performing as well as it should. Equipment should therefore last longer and perform better in the long term if it is regularly cleaned.

5. Better parental interaction

Clean classrooms ensure a dirty working environment is not on the radar of any parent associated with the school, nursery or college.

If cleaned by commercial cleaners, parents are confident that their children are being looked after and their health and safety is being considered. This means they are more likely to become involved in the school, and can focus on how their children are performing academically.

6. Encouraging good cleaning habits

If students are always learning in a clean, tidy environment, they can learn that cleanliness is important and carry this notion forwards into other areas of their lives. If their environment is always messy, dirty and untidy, then they are likely to assume this is normal, and won’t make the effort to be clean and tidy elsewhere outside of their classroom.

7. Fewer distractions

There are many reasons why students can become distracted in the classroom. Dirty environments can be one of these if the cleanliness of the classroom isn’t dealt with on a regular basis. This can reflect negatively on both teacher’s and student’s performance.

Frequent cleaning of your educational setting promotes a positive learning experience, and is important for the general wellbeing of students and staff alike.

8. Improved equipment performance and life span

Using professional cleaning services will enable you to feel safe in the knowledge that as experts, these cleaners should know exactly how to clean and sterilise individual surfaces. Likewise, using professional cleaners tends to come with a guarantee that the job will be done to the highest of standards.

For more information about our school, nursery and university cleaning services, please contact us today on: 01993 252575 or email:

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