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How To Efficiently Clean Your Gym

Maintaining a clean gym is crucial for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everybody that comes through its doors. A systematic approach to cleaning can make the process both efficient and effective, and make sure that nothing is missed. Here are some tips on cleaning your gym efficiently.

Some surfaces will require repeated cleaning throughout the day, but since first impressions count, the reception and entrance area should be at least spot-cleaned every day. This should include wiping down all surfaces, including counters, chairs and tables, and cleaning and disinfecting door handles and light switches. High foot traffic areas should also be vacuumed, swept, or even mopped as necessary.

Gym equipment needs the same treatment, and gym users should be encouraged to use disinfectant wipes and sprays to clean all machines and weight equipment after use. High-touch areas will benefit from extra attention from gym staff throughout the day, as these often either get missed or ignored by gym patrons. Rubbish bins should be emptied frequently, especially if they are filled with the potentially hazardous waste. Floors should be mopped daily.

Changing rooms and showers should also receive more frequent cleaning. Benches, lockers and especially shower walls will get grimy fast, and a low-allergen but effective disinfectant should be used liberally. Soap dispensers and paper towel holders need to be kept full to make sure that good hand hygiene can at least be encouraged.

Cotswold Gleam Team can help you keep on top of these basic tasks each week as part of a regular cleaning schedule that ensures your gym is always a clean and hygienic space.

2. Put together a list of weekly tasks for deep cleaning

It’s an unpleasant thought but sweat drips – not only can that be a source of bacteria on machines, but it can stop them from working properly. Perform a more thorough deep cleaning of all gym machines, using a mild soap solution and disinfectant. Inspect all machines for wear and tear, and book engineers if necessary.

A weekly assault on the more unpleasant aspects of the changing rooms will also pay dividends in providing you with a clean gym. Deep clean the drains once a week, removing build up of hair and other debris, and give the grouting a good scrub to prevent mould and mildew. Use the opportunity to check and clean air vents to make sure that they continue to provide adequate ventilation and odour control.

Extra-thorough floor cleaning should be carried out once a week, with steam cleaning on any carpeted areas. A heavier-duty disinfectant with longer-term anti-bacterial properties is worth investigating.

Cotswold Gleam Team can help you identify areas that need more of a deep clean and arrange for them to be cleaned on frequent basis to avoid build up of grime and dirt.

3. Clean the following once a month, or as required throughout the year

Gym storage areas, particularly those for rarely used equipment or lost property, do not get cleaned very often, so diary date them for regular spot cleaning. As well as checking on equipment, don’t forget that the building will need essential maintenance too, so consider professional assessment.

A proper cleaning schedule will ensure that cleaning is organised rather than haphazard, and that nothing gets missed. Assigning tasks to specific staff members both gives accountability and means that no single employee spends their entire time cleaning when they should be training clients or running classes. Use appropriate cleaning products and consider employing a professional team to provide back up on a regular basis.

By following these guidelines, your gym will stay clean, safe, and welcoming to everyone that uses it.

To find out more about how Cotswold Gleam Team can help, or for a free, no obligation quote, please call us today on 01993 252575 or email:

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