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How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

If you’re currently looking for a commercial cleaning company to help keep your business looking

spick and span, we’ve put together some pointers to help you know what to look for in a potential

cleaner partner, and ensure you choose one that is the best fit for you.

1. Reviews and online presence

Any search engine will show you reputable cleaning companies in your area, where you can read

through their recent reviews. Older ones may also be helpful, but no longer relevant.

An active, online presence is another positive sign, as it suggests they are keen to engage with

potential customers. Therefore, it’s worth checking any social media platforms they are signed up to and seeing how often they are posting, as well as what they are talking about.

Their website will also be another indicator of the quality of their service. Does it offer all relevant

information? Is it secure, modern, and accessible? The company’s approach to their online branding can often say a lot about how they run their business.

If a company’s branding and web presence is strong, then it’s a good sign you’re working with a

decent team who care about their reputation.

2. Range of services

A good cleaning company will offer a wide range of services, including daily, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning to give a lasting good impression to your customers, and to keep your staff safe.

Tasks to look for are:

● Washroom cleaning

● Kitchen cleaning

● Vacuum cleaning

● Manual floor sweeping

● Emptying and cleaning waste bins

● Dust control

● Dry dusting

● Damp wiping surfaces

● Glass and mirror cleaning

● Scrubber drying

● Floor cleaning

● High level cleaning

● Deep cleaning.

They should also be able to recommend the frequency of cleaning required, and a planned cleaning rota that best fits your needs.

If they can’t offer this, then it might not be the right commercial cleaning company for you.

3. Knowledge

A good cleaning company will demonstrate how they hire and train their staff. This is important, as you will be employing them to work on your premises and need to be able to trust them to do a

thorough job every time.

Staff should know all the right techniques for providing a thorough clean and proper sanitation, and when to use specific tools and equipment for different businesses, such as gyms, schools, medical practices and car showrooms.

Professional cleaners who care about their work will have up-to-date cleaning tools and will ensure that they can answer any customer concerns or questions regarding cleaning methods.

Before you choose a commercial cleaner, be sure to find out about their techniques, machinery, and sanitation methods. If staff can provide detailed information, then you know you are working with a knowledgeable company.

At Cotswold Gleam Team, our staff undergo full training with The British Institute of Cleaning Science, and must complete online checklists, which can be shared with the customer, for each clean to ensure their cleaning is up to standard.

4. Tailored quotes

Each commercial cleaning company you approach should offer you a tailored quote to suit both your budget and your requirements.

Even if your budget is limited, they should still be able to suggest a cleaning schedule that still

delivers both high standards and quality.

At Cotswold Gleam Team, we always provide our clients with customised quotes that include a

cleaning specification to detail each cleaning task and ensure they receive the best cleaning schedule that is within their budget.

5. Dependability

A professional cleaning company will always turn up on time as planned to carry out your cleaning tasks.

They will also put the customer first and listen to your needs. Being flexible and adaptable is

imperative, which is especially important if your situation changes at the last moment.

All these tips should help you on your way to choosing a commercial cleaning company that fits both your budget and requirements.

For a free, no obligation quote from the Cotswold Gleam Team, please call us on 01993 252575 or email:

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