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What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning services undertaken by a group of professional cleaners, who are hired by a company or organisation. This might include cleaning premises such as shops, offices, nurseries, schools,

The level of service offered will sometimes vary, but all outfits will normally have their own cleaning supplies and equipment to complete each commercial cleaning job.

Why is commercial cleaning important?

Whatever sector or industry you’re operating in, cleanliness is crucial for maintaining health and safety standards, which has been amplified by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

It also helps to create a good first impression for your clients, and clean, safe working environment for your employees, reducing the risk of spreading bugs, germs, and viruses.

Why should I hire a commercial cleaning company?

We’ve outlined some of the benefits of commercial cleaning to highlight the significant role it plays across a wide range of businesses and industries:

1. Save time and reduce pressure on staff

All businesses are usually busy, which means that cleaning is often at the bottom of any priority list. Your team have their own tasks and responsibilities to complete each day, and it’s unlikely that they will expect, or have the time, to carry out cleaning duties on top of these.

It may also be more financially viable to let someone else tackle the cleaning, while your staff focus on doing what they are employed to do.

Hiring commercial cleaners like Cotswold Gleam Team means cleaning can be done at any time of day, and carry out everything required, leaving everyone else to go about their day.

2. Reduce the need for cleaning equipment

While your business may have the odd cleaning cloth, duster or broom, a commercial cleaning company will have everything they need with them to complete their duties to a high standard.

This saves you investing in your own cleaning supplies and equipment to do the job yourself, and don’t have to worry about replenishing stocks when they start running low.

3. Build a better brand

Keeping a clean, safe and healthy work environment will make a lasting good impression on all new clients and customers that come through your doors, as well as retaining a positive relationship with existing ones.

For example, if your gym or nursery is not cleaned regularly, customers may be put off and look for alternative facilities.

4. Ensure good property maintenance

Commercial cleaners also make sure that your company’s buildings are hygienic and well-maintained, helping you to save costs on long term damage caused by drinks, chemicals, water, or anything else that stains. This means replacing carpets, furniture, and other items less regularly.

5. Health and safety standards

Without a professional cleaning company on board, you’ll find that bacteria, germs and mould will build up much more quickly.

Germs can be found everywhere in the workplace, sometimes in areas that you might not always think of, such as the handle of a kettle or fridge, or the buttons of a telephone.

By failing to clean regularly, you are encouraging germs to spread around your workplace more quickly.

6. Make your workforce more productive

Hiring commercial cleaners means that staff are less likely to be off sick, if they are looked after in a well-kept workplace, helping them to increase output.

A mess and dirt-free company will also help your staff to concentrate, without the distractions of clutter and grime, making them work harder and become more productive.

They can arrange and look after their personal space more easily, and it’s less likely important items will be misplaced or thrown away.

So whether it's an office, gym, school or car showroom, Cotswold Gleam Team can deliver all these benefits and more, with a customised cleaning programme that suits all your needs and requirements.

These will be discussed at an on-site visit of your premises, where we will then put together a no obligation quote and a professional contract that ensures peace of mind if you decide to proceed .

If you’re a business operating in the Oxford, Witney and surrounding areas, and are looking for highly trained and professional commercial cleaners, please call us today on: 01993 252575 or email:

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